Rebuilt 1939 Bentley Corniche by Mulliner

This is the 1939 Bentley Corniche. Not the classic Bentley that was lost to a wartime bombing raid in France during World War II. It was not even a restore mod, btw. It is a ground-up rebuild by Mulliner, the British marque’s coachbuilding division. What’s really impressive was, it was rebuilt based solely on the original technical drawings that were apparently mercifully spared by the silverfish of several generations.

Rebuilt 1939 Bentley Corniche by Mulliner

It is the only car of its type in existence now and a living testament of Mulliner’s craftsmanship. The original was due for repair after it was seriously damaged in an accident in road tests, but unfortunately, it was not meant to be. A bombing raid in Dieppe, where the bodywork was located, completely obliterated the bodywork. The chassis, which was sent to Bentley’s plant in Derby, survived though.

Anywho, the project to rebuild this pivoting ride of the British marque began several years ago. Fast forward to today, it is ready to make its global debut in time to celebrate the automaker’s centenary. The technical aspects of this classic beauty reborn in 21st century are not known. But I guess there’s no need for those. Just look at the ride. It is not a beauty? Yes? Well, then that is all it matter.

Seriously, though. It is a 30s ride and surely, it is not going to break any land speed record, is it?

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The rebuilt 1939 Bentley Corniche by Mulliner will make its grand debut next month at the Salon Privé, “a boutique automotive event where world-renowned Concours d’Elégance classic cars meet hypercars and supercars in luxury lifestyle garden party”, happening in Blenheim Palace, in the United Kingdom. In the meantime, if you so desire, you can learn more about this 2019-made superlative ride from 1939 HERE.

All images courtesy of Bentley Motors.