About KIA “Muscle Car” Stinger And Upcoming KIA Rio GT-Line Hatchback

KIA is last name one would expect to go all out about performance, but here it is, the company’s image of performance is forever imprint with the much lauded and I dare say, most anticipated, “muscle car,” Stinger. When we first saw the concept last year, we were did not think it will make it […]

Tom Hanks Is Getting A Custom Restored Fiat 126p Because, Tom Hanks

We are featuring this particular Custom Restored Polish Fiat 126p not because it was created specially for Hollywood actor Tom Hanks. OK, maybe just a little. Anyways, thanks to Hanks’ multiple posts on Twitter of him posing with this now-classic 70s Polish-made Fiat, some fans in Poland decided that Tom deserves to have one. Lucky […]

MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept and Electric Concept Heads To IAA

BMW Group’s MINI has something cool to show off ahead of this year’s IAA, or more commonly known as Frankfurt Motor Show. The first is a MINI that will delight MINI-adoring speed demons, a ride called MINI John Cooper Works GP Concept and the other, should please tree hugging MINI fans, designated as MINI Electric […]

New Nissan LEAF Unveiled, Wants You To Drive With Just One Pedal

Well, this is it. Nissan has taken the wrap off the new 2018 Nissan LEAF, the follow up to the grandaddy of modern day mass produced electric car which was first introduced to the world seven years ago and it is pretty damn awesome in both looks and specs. Also, it has one crazy idea […]

BMW i3 “Spaghetti Car” by Maurizio Cattelan Sold For A Cool €100,000

First of all, I have no idea why a German car is decorated with Italian definitive symbol of cuisine, spaghetti, and presented in an auction by BMW France. Quite a mix, don’t you think? Anyways, the car you see here is the BMW i3 “Spaghetti Car” as touched by artist Maurizio Cattelan, the same artist […]

VW Has A 400 HP Hybrid Golf GTI With An Electric Drive That Will Surprise You

Look what we have here! It’s a VW Golf GTI with a dose of electric power and when we said “a dose,” we do really mean ‘a dose’. How? This particular Golf here, dubbed Golf GTI First Decade, has 410 PS, or about 404 HP, but that impressive number is solely from its petrol engine. […]

‘High Performance Derivative’ Of The 2017 Toyota Yaris Looks Kinda Hot!

Toyota Yaris is all youthful and fun, but it is never a ride closely associated with high performance and that’s probably because it isn’t, or at least it never is in most parts of the world that gets this cute little hatch from Toyota. However, in Europe, 2017 Toyota Yaris may not as tame as […]

John Cooper Works Touched 2017 MINI Clubman Gets 231 Horsepower

Big MINI like the Countryman and Clubman are exactly huge, but they are still practical. Practicality may have won’t some while others are less than satisfied with its performance. If that’s what stopping you from appreciating a MINI, or in this case, a Clubman, then perhaps the new MINI John Cooper Works Clubman should entice […]

All-New MINI Countryman Unveiled Along With A Plug-in Hybrid Variety

BMW Group has unveiled a spanking new MINI Countryman model which, not surprisingly, got a bump in size – making it the largest MINI yet. Also introduced was an electrified Countryman, a plug-in hybrid model MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4, the marque’s first electric drive since like when? 2010? Whatever is the case, the […]

Craftsman Built Bamboo Electric Car, Plans To Take It On A 620 Miles Journey

Even an electric car we see today is not 100 percent sustainable. If you truly believe in sustainability, you should be driving an electric made out almost entirely bamboo like what this bamboo craftsman, Yoshi from Susaki, Kochi Prefecture, did. Yoshi is no ordinary craftsman; he is the fourth generation bamboo craftsman to run the […]