Mesmerizing Levitating Cube Will Provide Your Home with a Strangely Alluring Space Age Light Show

Reinforce your geeky image with the Magic Cube, a levitating laser-lighted prisms that uses a combination of magnetic levitation, prism cube(s) and laser light to create a mesmerizing lighted display piece. A creation by persistent inventor Dale Rorabaugh, who seems to be constantly bursting with ideas, the Magic Cube consists of a cube enclosure crafted […]

This Compact Tube is Actually a Super Strong Stand Up Stand for Laptop, Tablet and More

You know how sci-fi movies often show things like a small device, expanding into a bigger object at a touch of a button? Well, the 3-in-1 Stand Up Stand in a Tube by Cool Invent is not that, but let me assure you that it is the closest you will get to that for now. […]

Franken Edison Light Is What Happens When Edison Meets Dr. Frankenstein

obviously, there is no correlation between Frankenstein and lightings (lightning, perhaps), but that does not make Dale Rorabaugh’s Franken Edison Light any less attractive. in fact, it is the opposite. Franken Edison Light brings together Thomas Edison’s electric light bulbs and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and presented as a single, brilliant lighting art. well, as far […]