Meet Daymak Blast Go-Kart C5, The Go-Kart That Makes 0-60 In 1.5 Seconds!

Forget what you know about go-karting. Those fossil fuel guzzlers that kick out choking fumes are so passé because there’s a new kid in town that is going to change the way you look at go-kart – if you can catch glimpse of it. Meet Daymak Blast Go-Kart C5, an electric go-kart that’s so fast […]

A Simple Wheel Change Will Turn This 34 lbs Electric Bike into a Regular Bike

Toronto-based electric bicycle maker is back, but this time round, there ain’t no beast. It newest product is a ‘regular’ electric bike, called EC1. Well, EC1 is not quite regular actually. It stands out as a ultra lightweight carbon fiber bike that weighs in at mere 34 lbs (or 15 kg) and for a limited […]

Daymak Introduces Beast D Electric Bicycle with Dual 500W Motor, Calls it an Electric ATV

When you are hell bent in venturing into the woods, an ATV appears to be the perfect option. But that’s assuming that the woods is generous enough to provide you the space your ATV needs, or you could go with a two-wheel electric all-terrain vehicle, like the Daymak The Beast D Off-Road Electric ATV that […]

The Beast Self-charging Off-road Electric Bicycle Wants To Own The Roughest Terrains

i am sure we can all agree that the word ‘beast’ is hardly an apt association with electric bicycles. beast is synonymous with aggressive and ferocious behaviors, which means when you have an electric bicycle named so, like this The Beast Electric Bicycle from Canadian firm Daymak, you have a lot to live up to. […]