Jerry Can Mini Bar Is Just About The Manliest A Mini Bar Can Get

You know jerry can, AKA jerrycan, AKA jerrican, the this robust, pressed steel container designed for containing water for military use? If you think it is one of the manliest item in the world, then you will want it in your man cave or the garage, if you spend a hell lot of time in […]

Kolenik Adds Life To The Kitchen By Throwing An Aquarium Into The Mix

Oh, so you think your kitchen is mundane and pretty much lifeless? Well, fret not, because someone out there is actually adding a dash of life to the kitchen by throwing aquariums into the mix and that someone is Kolenik. The company is calling it ‘Ocean’ Kitchen. ‘Ocean’ Kitchen is exactly what it sounds like. […]

Argentine Race Car Driver Has A Pagani Zonda R Supercar As A Room Divider

A wall art or a room divider. Whatever you call it, a Pagani Zonda R suspended in the air, on its side, in a living space, is quite a sight to behold. It tells of the riches of the person and his or her love for cars. This is no interior decor render dreamed up […]

This Custom Northwest Wine Room Oozes With Mid-Century Vibe

What’s your impression of a wine cellar? Dark and musty smelling tiny room, with narrow passages, tuck away in a godforsaken corner of the basement that looks straight out of a horror film? Well, not quite and it don’t have to be, as wine cellar customizer Sommi Wine Cellars has proven. Sommi is a specialist […]

The ONE Bauble Gift Set Literally Puts Whiskey On Your Christmas Tree

Christmas is upon us and you know what that means? It means the stress on your wallet with all the buying of gifts, and also putting up the best Christmas tree. I don’t how we can help you on the former, but we think we maybe on to something for the latter, if you are […]

LEGO Compatible Adhesive Tape Is The Best Thing To Happen Since LEGO

Straight out of the planet “why we didn’t think about it” is this LEGO Compatible Adhesive Tape called Nimuno Loops and it is probably the best thing to happen since LEGO and also, duct tape. From the product name, you know it is an adhesive tape, but it ain’t no ordinary adhesive tape; it has […]

Daft Punk Spruced Up This Christmas With Ornament Set And Snow Globes

You know what the famed, iconic robot helmets don by French electronic music duo could be good for? Christmas tree ornaments. Seriously, we never knew that until we saw the Daft Punk White & Gold Robot Helmet Ornament Set. I must say it was quite a revelation. Suddenly, it all makes perfect sense. Electronic music […]

10 Geeky Christmas Tree Toppers To Showoff The Geek In You

The time of the year is drawing close and you know what that means. This means you should be busy acquiring gifts and also thinking about how to spruce up your Christmas tree. Speaking of Christmas tree, why should you settle for the norm when you can express your geekiness through that tree which you […]

Stunning Tiny Home’s Garage Door Is Also A Custom Deck And Awning

With the world population growing steadily, over population is inevitable and so, we better start getting use to living in small spaces, you know, like very, very small space. Fortunately, humans are resilient and creative creatures who will make the most out of any situation. So what if you have only 240-square-foot to your name? […]

You Will Need To Rock Climb Up To The Loft In This Super Tiny Home

In most homes, access to higher floors requires either a set of stairs or ladder, but for rock climbing couple Vince Sorgentoni and Sam Adams, those are just way too conventional and since they both a thing for rock climbing, they opted to installed rock climbing holds on the walls to access one of the […]