Sun Rising Lamp by Satoshi Itasaka

as good as our current clock or watch is, we still managed to let time slips past us. in another word, we are not conscious of the time that passes us and hence, work gets delayed, appointment missed et cetera. with the Sun Rising Lamp by Satoshi Itasaka, you will be visually reminded of the time is indeed moving.

Leo Messi x Ginza Tanaka The Golden Foot

we know how some folks idolized sportsmen, but to take home a foot of your idol brings the meaning of idolizing to a whole new level. no. we are not being grotesque about it. we are referring to the Leo Messi x Ginza Tanaka The Golden Foot, as sculpted by Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka based on Argentine

ZeroEdge Classic 46 Rimless Aquarium

an aquarium can hardly be categorized as a water feature. you can argue otherwise but ask yourself this: does your aquarium overflow and spill over to all four sides, making it look like a magical cube of water without any form of restraint? we bet it doesn’t and that’s why you will need the ZeroEdge Classic 46 Rimless Aquarium to qualify as a part aquarium

Replaceface Prints

at some point in this life, you have probably imagined what you would look like if you were a person in the era long gone by (probably ridiculous) but have you ever imagine how today’s pop icon like Bill Murray, Steve Jobs, David Bowie and the likes, would look like clad in old Russian ceremonial military uniforms? will they look anything like a chivalrous commander that you would gladly followed into a battle?

Click and Grow Smartpots

we suspect many of us, geeks included, has the green thumb if weren’t consumed by the technological advancements. that and our urban dwellings sometime do not permit us from showing off the greener side of ourselves but fear not, even if you do not have a huge yard or a dedicated greenhouse for you to wield your talent in nurturing the greens, you can…

UNKL-Master Wall Frame

remember View-Master? i guess most of us do. depending which era you have been exposed to this clever stereo images viewing contraption, your memory of it might differ. regardless, mostly will be fond memories – unless you were in the military and were using it to identify aircrafts and ships or for range estimation, which doesn’t sound like much fond…