This Charging Solution Wants to be the Last Charging Device and Battery Bank That You Will Ever Buy

We charge while in a car, at a train station, in the office, at home and pretty much everywhere else when those gadgets beep to be recharged, which means most of us have a whole lot to carry with us, including multiple wall chargers and portable battery for times when wall outlets are a luxury. […]

Designed by Many Announces Apple Watch/iPhone Dock with Sound Amplification and Apple Watch Case

What’s the next big thing in the gadget accessories market? We’d say Apple Watch accessories and in particular, docks. We don’t post as many article as most big blogs do, but even then, we have already seen no less than five beautiful examples. We wouldn’t say which one is the prettiest, because they are all […]

Here Are Some Beautifully Minimalistic Cases For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus From Designed By Many

If there is one thing gadget lovers never stop looking out for, it would be smartphone accessories and in particular protective cases – especially when it comes to iPhone. Not surprisingly, cos’ the supply is in abundance, which means tons of options and a myriad of design to suit individual taste. That said, here’s a […]