Will You Buy A Samsung Pirates of the Caribbean-Themed Galaxy S8?

When Marvel/Disney decided to go big in promoting Marvel movies, collaborating with Samsung for an Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6, we totally understand why. After all, Iron Man and the Avengers were and are still huge contributors to Disney’s coffer, but Pirates of the Caribbean? Not to belittle the Pirates franchise I personally enjoy watching, or […]

Is Disney’s Catching A Real Ball In VR A Cheat Code To Being A Good Catcher?

I don’t care what others think about Disney Research’s study into catching a real ball in virtual reality, but me think it could be an advancement in cheating in real life. How? Imagine you are having trouble catching ball pitched in a baseball game or maybe even in a game of football, then this development […]

Disney Built A Room That Keeps Your Phone Charged When You Are Inside

It was said Nicola Tesla once dreamed of a wireless powered world. Obviously, that didn’t quite pan out and the closest we get today is the wireless charging pads which are anything but perfect. For starter, wireless charging pad is not quite wireless as the pad still needs to be hooked up to an outlet […]

Spaceship Earth At Epcot Turned Into Death Star With Working Super Laser

In a nutshell, the soon-to-hit-theater Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is about how the Rebel sniffed out Death Star’s weakness that lead up to Luke and the gang destroying it in A New Hope and so, what could be a better way to promote the movie than recreating a Death Star right here on […]

Lesser Known Star Wars Mouse Droid Is Finally Getting Its Own R/C Toy Version

You can’t call yourself a Star Wars super fan if you don’t remember the MSE-6 Mouse Droid from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. The Mouse Droid has considerably less screen time as compared to other droids, but it left a lasting impression on many nevertheless. In fact, if you recall, it was only […]

Vans and Disney Pixar Teamed Up For Toy Story-themed Sneakers

Toy Story is arguably the biggest animation to have rolled out of Disney’s Pixar since, well, nothing and while the first flick more than a decade old, it is still loved by many. So much so that it is going to get its fourth movie in 2018, after a good eight years hiatus. Between now […]

Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle Gets Immortalized In LEGO Bricks

Arguably one of the most iconic structures in our lifetime, The Disney Castle finally gets immortalized in LEGO bricks. The LEGO 71040 The Disney Castle announced recently is made up of a whopping 4,080 pieces and comes with five delightful (or not, depending on your inclination) minifigs of equally iconic characters, including Donald Duck, Daisy […]

Emoji Version Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Well, it is the Star Wars day isn’t it? And what’s more appropriate then to relive the seventh Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens by catching the key moments of the movie… in Emoji style, right? And this one, entitled Star Wars: The Force Awakens as told by Emoji, is an official video […]

Disney’s Star Wars Experience Includes Piloting The Millennium Falcon

Star Wars is growing big with Disney and as some of you may have read, Disney is in the process of constructing Star Wars-themed additions to the two U.S. theme parks. However, little was known beyond it is doing something. Then on this past Sunday, Han Solo aka Harrison Ford, himself revealed what those intergalactic […]

Disney Launches New Star Wars: The Force Awakens Merchandises

Weird that the media made a fuss about the lack of female toys pertaining to Disney/Lucasfilm’s latest blockbuster, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The funny thing was, we did saw the female lead’s merchandise around the time when the ding was made. Seriously, I don’t know what the media or the lobbyists expect. There’s just […]