Marvel Will Probably Not Give You A Black Panther Knife, So Here’s The Closest Thing You Will Get

No. The Black Panther Titanium Micro Blade by SMRT Gadget you see here, though inspired by Marvel superhero Black Panther, is not affiliated in anyway. It does not hail from the fictional African state of Wakanda, neither is the blade crafted out of fictional super metal vibranium, but it does tout itself as the “world’s […]

Wootz EDC: An EDC Pocket Knife That Does The Essentials While Looking Absolutely Gorgeous

When style is part of your consideration when you need to cut something when out in the wild, then we would think Wootz EDC fits the bill perfectly. I mean, we don’t just feature everything that pops up in our inbox, but when our attention was drawn to Wootz EDC, it really had us at […]

EDC Ceramic Micro Knife Is The Micro Knife You Never Knew You Need

Do you need to cut things all the times? Probably not. However, you can’t deny that there are more than a few times in your life that calls for a slicing tool. Between the need and do not need, you will almost definitely find yourself in a situation where you need a knife but you […]

Ausus Luxury EDC Knife: Luxuriously Built Less The Luxury Sticker

The Ausus Luxury EDC Folding Knife by StatGear does not have precious stones, neither is it laced with gold, but if you are into knives, you can see what you are getting into. It is a premium folding knife that bears old school ruggedness, but in a modern, super low profile and deep carry design […]

WESN Titanium Micro Blade Knife Is The Knife You Need In Your Life

You know, in some way, knife is like a lighter. You never know when you are going to need it. However, unlike a lighter, carrying a knife everywhere you go may not be appropriate in the eyes of the law. Well, mostly. If you are going to carry a huge-ass survival knife outside of the […]