What We Have Missed: Day 211, Week 31 In The Year Of 2014

Drobo Mini Now Comes With Solid State Drive (SSD) Drobo Mini now gets four 2.5-inch Solid State Drive bays with an mSATA accelerator option, Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 connectivity – all packed in a rugged, compact and portable package that weighs in at less than 3 lbs. the Drobo Mini with SSD comes in a […]

Game of Thrones Hand of the King Pin USB Flash Drive

in ancient time, being the King or perhaps even the second-in-command, sounds like fun because there wasn’t a thing call Internet and seriously, besides hunting (and probably women and booze), there is really little to crave for other than power. that said, being the Hand of the King sounds like an exciting post, especially when […]

WD My Passport Pro Thunderbolt Portable Dual-Drive

Thunderbolt drive is not new, but when it comes to a RAID config, we are mostly resigned to the fate of using where wall outlets are available. well, Western Digital think its time for a change and the WD My Passport Pro is the drive that will do just that. billed as the first’s Thunderbolt-…

Drobo 4 Bay Gen3

speed is also a prerequisite if you want to get things going more efficiently and the Drobo 4 Bay Gen3 is just the external storage solution built with those two requisites in mind. it features a complete new architecture that boasts 3 times faster performance over the previous generation and 4 times rebuild times for maximizing data availability…

MBLOK – Memory For All Devices

wireless storage that aims to unify all the files across multiple devices is not new and as consumers, we are spoilt for choice, however, if one) you rather have it in your pocket than your bag; two) loathe the idea of dealing with cables and; three) need to look good using it, then you should seriously check out…

LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt 2

with 4K videoing becoming a common place, we are not going to kid ourselves that a regular SD card or USB flash drive is going cut it. no way. those UHD files are monstrous which means it requires whatever digital storage space you can harness and at a speed that won’t strangle your productivity.

LaCie Culbuto USB Key by Constant Guisset

while companies like SanDisk are minimizing the size of USB flash drives, premium storage maker LaCie takes no heed to physical size and instead, pays attention to the details of design which result in drool-worthy products that goes beyond functionality. however, the latest to join its rank of premium USB flash drive takes on a slightly new twist.

SanDisk Ultra 128GB microSDXC UHS-I Memory Card

for Android users who are heavy on media consumption, storage is always a premium. the norm for today’s handset is 32GB onboard storage tops which means the only way you are going to get more storage would be through cloud or via microSD card.

Lenovo Beacon Personal Cloud Storage Device

we all know what personal cloud storage is and today’s context, it is a ‘place’ in your home where digital contents resides, so that the whole family can have access to it. this is where an aesthetic problem arises: it need to look good