Wrist-worn Bluetooth Speakers, Splicing USB Cable + Random Gift Ideas

Writers have writer’s block. A gifting person can sometimes have gifting block too. Sometimes, you really have no idea what to get for someone for whatever occasions. It is a dreadful thing, but not if we can help it. That said, here are a few cool gift ideas which you can use to defuse the […]

FPlife Lockbook Is The World’s First Notebook With Fingerprint Sensor

Do you recall those notebooks with an integrated latch that locks with a miniature padlock? Yeah, that was how we used to secure the contents of the notebook. The FPlife Lockbook with Fingerprint Diary is a modern, high-tech spin of that notebook of bygone era. And yes, it does have a biometric fingerprint sensor, so […]

Microwave-To-Erase Notebook Makes Notebook Keep Up With Digital Age

In this digital age, taking digital notes is no doubt more convenient over the good’ol pen and paper because, any mistake made, you can simply delete it and therefore, it kind of makes zero sense to want to go back to ancient way of doing things, but if, just what if, there’s a notebook that […]

DIY Wolverine Claws Gives You Wolvie’s Claws Without Breaking Your Skin

You know, every time Logan, AKA Wolverine, unleash his life-taking appendages, he feels pain because popping out those adamantium-coated razor-sharp claws would means breaking his skin from the inside out. Every. Single. Time. With that being said, why would you yourself through the agony like Logan did. I mean, seriously, you don’t have healing ability […]