You know, every time Logan, AKA Wolverine, unleash his life-taking appendages, he feels pain because popping out those adamantium-coated razor-sharp claws would means breaking his skin from the inside out. Every. Single. Time. With that being said, why would you yourself through the agony like Logan did. I mean, seriously, you don’t have healing ability and there’s no Apocalypse or Magneto to deal with, therefore flesh-slicing blades are not necessary. Besides, you’d be inviting trouble when every time you need pass through security checks. I understand the cool factor and all, but really, you don’t have to. Just shell out a petty sum of $17.90 and you’ll get yourself a set of DIY Logan X-Men Wolverine Automatic Claws like Logan, but less the pain. Problem solved.

DIY Logan X-Men Wolverine Automatic Claws

Perfect for your Halloween getup and best of all, it is of wood which means it is lightweight and rounded pee means you won’t accidentally impale someone, or some kid’s precious balloons. The DIY Logan X-Men Wolverine Automatic Claws was originally conceived by The Q and it is now available as kit for yours to own, for whatever purpose you desire. The only difference between this and The Q’s original creation posted on YouTube, this set has, as mentioned, rounded claws. Apart from that, it can do whatever Wolverine can do, like, for example, popping the claws individually, so you can get the gratification of giving your friends the middle claw. Go check it out and oh, before you do, perhaps you will like to have a look at The Q’s instruction in an embedded video below.

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