Handheld Gave Algiz 10X Rugged Tablet An Upgrade, Gets Faster Processor and Windows 8

By now, the Algiz 10X Rugged Tablet by Handheld Group would have felt dated and it is only right it gets some deserving upgrade, and it did. Swede Handheld Group has recently announced the upgraded Algiz 10X, simply known as Algiz 10X ver. 2, now boasting a more power processor that promised speedier startup and …

Algiz 7 Super-Rugged Tablet by Handheld Group

it is true that a tablet that commands a four-figure price tag is not for regular consumers like us. still, we can’t resist featuring the new Algiz 7 Super-Rugged Tablet by Handheld Group, an update to the Algiz 7 ruggedized Windows tablet. being ruggedized means slim form factor is not in the order – instead it is bulk-up for the ultimate in protection