Hogwarts-inspired College of Wizardry Lets Harry Potter Super Fans Play Out Their Fantasy

Rejoice! Harry Potter super fans! You don’t need to wait for the Hogwarts’ acceptance to get into The College of Wizardry. If you have few hundred euros to spare, you can get yourself ‘enrolled’. No, we are not talking about a theme park here. This is way more serious than a theme park; it is […]

400,000-Piece LEGO Hogwarts by Alice Finch

money can buy you a lot of objects of your desire, but one thing that it probably can’t buy is this awe-inspiring, 400,000-piece LEGO Hogwarts custom by LEGO enthusiast and mother of two, Alice Finch. the project started way back in 2011 and it took Alice a good one year and loads of money to complete.

Harry Potter’s Wand From The First Film With Ollivander’s Box

fans of Harry Potter would certainly love to have piece of this natural born wizard, and what’s better than to start with owning a piece of his wand as seen in the first Harry Potter film? this…