The LEGO Hogwarts Express Collectors’ Edition is cool and all but it takes up a huge amount of space, and demands a chunk of your hard-earned money. The LEGO MOC Micro Hogwarts Express, on the other hand, requires a small shelf space and should cost just a fraction of what the 76405. I said ‘should’ because you gotta buy your bricks but the instructions to build the set are absolutely free.

LEGO MOC Micro Hogwarts Express

Created by Steve Guinness aka The Brick Consultant (@thebrickconsultant), better known as the person behind the awesome LEGO Ideas Typewriter (21327), the LEGO MOC Micro Hogwarts Express has everything the large, very expensive LEGO Hogwarts Express has – including the locomotive, the coal tender and part of the platform ¾ – but in a super tiny scale.

The LEGO MOC Micro Hogwarts Express is part of Guinness’ 9 mini builds in 9 days, celebrating LEGO 90 Years of Play, which also include a micro version of the typewriter, the recently released LEGO Ideas Lighthouse, LEGO House Duck, and more.

The instructions and the parts list for the LEGO MOC Micro Hogwarts Express are available freely on Guinness’ Instagram page. As mentioned, you gotta provide your own bricks which you can pick up from LEGO’s pick-a-brick or sources like Bricklink.

Images: Instagram (@thebrickconsultant).

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