We don’t see a lot of media invitation letters because they are, well, just letters or emails which do not catch any people’s eyes. But this. This is possibly the craziest invitation letter – if you can even call it a letter – we have seen. It is absolutely mind-blowing and a testimony of what Redmi is prepared to do to make a statement for its latest collab with Warner Bros. on the world’s first Harry Potter phone.

Invitation Letter to Redmi Note 12 Turbo Reveal

Redmi showed off the package that it sent out to media and tech reviewers five days before the big reveal on March 28 (China time). Not going to lie. I am beyond envious. If you’re Potterhead, you’d be too if you know that this invitation package contains a crazy number of Harry Potter memorabilia/merchandise.

The enormous magic spell book-inspired box contains, believe it or not, a Hogwarts student robe, a school scarf, a wand, a Hogwarts acceptance letter, and a 9 ¾ Platform-themed SIM card ejector. The latter two are what you will be getting if you purchase the Redmi Note 12 Turbo Harry Potter Edition.

Invitation Letter to Redmi Note 12 Turbo Reveal

Those are not it. Each media/tech reviewer received a robe and scarf from different Hogwarts houses. And the wand differs too. Though it is not clear how many wand types/designs were there.

Back on March 23, Redmi held a sweepstake that allows three lucky fans to win this invitation package [CH]. I am half expecting some of these or the entire invitation to end up on eBay, or perhaps on China e-commerce platforms like Xianyu or Zhuan Zhuan.

Anyhoo, like many of you, I can only drool over it with images. This invitation package has set a bar so high that I seriously doubt any smartphone maker will ever try to outdo it. It is also a prove what Redmi is ready to do to capture the fans’ hearts. It sure won me over but goddamn it, we do not have access to the phone, or the earbuds, let alone this ultra-collectible invitation package. Ugh.

Images: Weibo (Redmi) [CH].

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