Game Of Life: Super Mario Edition And Monopoly Animal Crossing New Horizons Edition Board Games

Nintendo is not just a name for consoles. Unlike its peers, it has lent its properties to many products – from luxury smartwatch to footwear, and now, Monopoly and Game of Life.

These New Ghostbusters Will Coax Your Hard-earned Money Out Of Your Wallet

Fans of Ghostbusters who can’t enough of the new Ghostbusters, Hasbro has a list of products to coax the bills out of your wallet. Running up to the release of the proper sequel to the 1984 comedy horror flick, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Hasbro has revealed a slew of toys.

The Transformers: The Movie Returns To Theaters To Celebrate Its 35th Anniversary

Did you managed to catch The Transformers: The Movie animated film when it was screened in 1986? If you did, it must have been a pretty thrilling experience. And guess what? You can relieve it all over again because, Hasbro, in collaboration with Fathom Events, is bringing Transformers: The Movie back to theaters.

HasLab’s Latest Project Is A 32-inch Tall Marvel Legends Galactus Action Figure!

Any fan of Marvel will be familiar with Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds. He is a giant being that towers at around 30 feet tall and giant he is even as a collectible toy – thanks to HasLab’s latest creation, the Hasbro Marvel Legends Galactus Action Figure.

Transformers Generations Shattered Glass Jetfire & IDW’s Shattered Glass – Jetfire

Hasbro just can’t stop selling fans of Transformers redeco toys. The latest to join the WFC-GS27 Galvatron and Shattered Glass Goldbug in the redeco bonanza is yet another Shattered Glass character: Transformers Generations Shattered Glass Jetfire & IDW’s Shattered Glass – Jetfire (Exclusive Hasbro Pulse Variant Cover).

Transformers Generations Selects Leader WFC-GS27 Galvatron Action Figure

Only true fans of Transformers will be enamored by this action figure: the Transformers Generations Selects Leader WFC-GS-27 Galvatron. Because, this character in this color was never seen in the cartoon series nor the movie. This particular figure is inspired by the classic 1986 toy release, featuring comic-inspired deco.

Mighty Morphine Eye Guy Action Figure: The Trypophobia May Not Be Amused

That’s right, folks. The infamous “Eye Guy” from re-version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ episode I, Eye Guy has a new action figure. And man, it is something trypophobia may want to avoid. Granted, it is far tamer than the one seen on television and it is not actually ridden with holes as feared by …

Netflix Shared Transformers: War for Cybertron – Kingdom Official Trailer [Spoiler Alert!]

You had the first look at the Netflix’s Transformers: War For Cybertron Trilogy – Kingdom, now watch the official trailer that teases even more. Do not proceed if spoilers dampen your day.

Jurassic Park x Transformers Crossover Is Official. Sexy Dr. Ian Malcolm Character Not Included

One of the most memorable scenes from the original Jurassic Park (1993, Universal Pictures) film would be the Ford Explorer ravaged by the T-rex. With the Jurassic Park x Transformers Transforming Action Figure Set, however, the iconic green and strangely with tiger stripes Ford Explorer park tour vehicle will not be a sitting duck.