Unusual VTOL, Cormorant, Is What Future Helicopters May Look Like

Just when we thought mankind has reached the apex of aircraft design with respect to vertical takeoff aircraft like the helicopter, Israel firm Tactical Robotics came around and introduce a whole new concept of VTOL, or vertical takeoff and landing, vehicle. Formerly known as AirMule (which is exactly what it is designed to do, btw), […]

Volocopter Made First Manned Flight, Inches Toward Personal Air Mobility

Started out as a rather crude and dangerous multi-rotor flying rig, e-volo’s first aircraft has evolved into Volocopter VC200 which made its unmanned flight late last year. Fast forward to 2016, this VTOL personal air transportation vehicle has achieved yet another milestone: armed with the permit-to-fly in Germany, it made its first manned flight in […]

You Will Probably See Airvinci Ducted Fan Drone Sooner Than Flying Cars

While flying car seems to be far from a reality at this point, there’s no lack of companies pushing to make everyday commute a jam free one with the use of personal flying transportation. RC helicopter maker Hirobo is one of them. China’s Ehang is another and now, Canadian startup Airvinci (no prize for guessing […]

Boeing Partners With Peugeot Design Lab to Create A Helicopter

Peugeot Design Lab is unlike any automobile design house. First of all, it is own and operated by the French automaker and secondly, it does a whole lot more than turning up fancy cars. It has food truck, timepiece, collectible toys, jewelry, piano, furniture and more, under its growing design portfolio. Now, it can proudly […]

Sikorsky S-97 Raider Coaxial Helicopter Officially Unveiled, Claims 253 MPH Top Speed

and here we are thinking that coaxial rotor helicopters are pretty much dead. well, at least ‘dead’ in real aircraft and wouldn’t even dream of it being developed for military operations. we couldn’t be more wrong cos’ Sikorsky, the pioneer in helicopter design and manufacturing founded by American Russian aviator Igor Sikorsky, has unveiled the […]

Volocopter VC200 Multicopter

remember the e-volo? the multicopter that caught our attention about two and half years ago? (apparently, the original prove of concept was dubbed as a VC1). well, it has evolved, or rather the company behind has came up with another awesome way of taking to sky and it sure is a whole lot safer and less

Eurocopter X3 Hybrid Helicopter breaks 300MPH

for all intents and purposes, helicopters are never designed for speed, but for hovering which allows them to perform what traditional fixed wing crafts can’t and go to places where other crafts can’t. as such they have been doing pretty damn well in areas such as transportation of crews to and from oil rigs and

Eurocopter EC145 BRABUS Limited Edition Livery

we probably won’t get there and so, we will never understand why should one pimp up their personal chopper like we did to our down-to-earth four-wheelers. if you happen to spend more time being zipping through the sky more than rolling on solid ground, then we suppose it’s only a logical progression that you might

Hirobo HX-1 Personal Electric Helicopter

pulling your hairs over the ever frustrating traffic condition? well, that might be a thing of the past if the Hirobo HX-1 Personal Electric Helicopter becomes a reality, commercially. Hirobo, a company best known for its radio controlled helicopters, is not the usual firm that you expect to develop a full-scale man-piloted machine but here it is, the HX-1 that looks more a vehicle…

Pininfarina Edition Agusta AW139 Helicopter

Italian coach builder Pininfarina is no stranger to the world of automotive and its name is often synonymous with the epitome of luxury and design excellence. so you will expect the same refinement whatever the Italian automotive designer have their hands on. one such example is the…