Icon Q Joins the Unlocked Handset Market with Q5.5 Octacore-powered Android Smartphone

There are two things relating to smartphone you need know when you are travelling: it has to be unlock if you want to use the local SIM card and preferably, it would have dual SIM functionality so you can have both your local SIM and your home SIM on one device, as opposed to bringing […]

Icon Q’s New Wireless Earbuds is Everything You Expect of a Pair of Wireless Earbuds, Plus NFC

I am sure you guys remember Icon Q, the folks who brought to you the super sleek wireless headphones which was also reviewed here some months ago. The outfit has a new wireless audio listening gear, the Icon Q Boundless E1 Wireless Earphones for those who prefer wireless freedom without imposing on their ears. Boundless […]

Icon Q Boundless H3 – Bass-happy, Affordable Bluetooth Headphones [Review]

there are a lot things the gadget world is not lacking of, among them is Bluetooth headphones, but even with the abundance in options, Bluetooth audio cans are never cheap with an average pair costing at least 175 bucks and that’s a conservative number. then comes a new entrant to this growing market, the Icon […]

Icon Q Boundless H3 Introduces Beauty and Simplicity To Bluetooth Headphones

there is no doubt about the abundance when it comes to personal audio gear like Bluetooth headphones and it is also true to say that some makers are overdoing it on the design department, making the cans look absolutely clunky and complicated and topping that up with a wallet-busting price tag. remembering that we need […]