Umbilical Cord iPhone Charging Cable Makes Charging iPhone Nightmarish

A white slender cable that runs between your iPhone and the wall outlet is nothing short of mundane. That’s how it is, but if you really, really want to stand out and make a statement, the this iPhone Umbilical Cord Charging Cable is the cable you want. Period. Artistically created by Japanese artist/Etsy seller, iimio, […]

olloclip’s Mobile Videography Kit Comes A Sleek Case From Incase

If you are into videography with your smartphone, then must be a believer in add-on optics and articulated mobile grip. If so, here’s something from olloclip and Incase which you may want to ponder about. In a press release dated July 17, olloclip, maker of add-on optics for smartphone, announced a collaborative effort with Incase […]

Revolver-style iPhone 7 Lens Kit Is Just About The Coolest iPhone 7 Lens Ever

While there is an abundance of aftermarket add-on lenses for iPhone, most of them has one common nagging issue: more things to carry in your pocket and what’s worst, they are tiny which makes them easily misplaced or lost, and also, they cannot be deployed quickly for times when you need to switch from, say […]

A Simple Solution That Will Keep You From Losing iPhone 7 3.5mm Adapter

Calling it “the perfect solution to a problem that shouldn’t exist,” the Dongle Dangler is a keyring-equipped dummy 3.5mm headphone jack plug that lets you plug in your iPhone 7’s included Lightning to 3.5mm adapter so you will never lose it like, ever. It is an exceedingly simple solution that solves a new problem that […]

Luxury iPhone Dock Is Here Because It Matches Your $8,000 iPhone

What’s the point of an iPhone coated in luxurious precious metal when the dock that it sits on is not as opulent? Well, it looks like gadgets seller Brikk, who is renowned for giving iPhone luxury touches, understand this void and decided to turn out matching Lux iPhone Dock, coated in genuine luxury finishes, of […]

olloclip Lenses For iPhone 7 Have Similar Perspectives As DSLR Cameras

Since the launch of the iPhone 7, there have been praises about its new camera system (well, mostly), but as always, the stock lens may not be the cuppa for really, really serious iPhonegraphers and this is where olloclip Lens Sets for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus aims to address. Altogether, the new olloclip Lens […]

Dime-sized Magnetic Memory Adds Up To 256GB Of Storage To Your iPhone

If there’s one gripe about iPhone, it would be storage and the only resolution for iPhone users’ storage woe would be iCloud, which means leaving your data at the hands of Apple and at the mercy of connectivity. Seriously, we can’t keep assuming that we will always have connectivity and similarly, we can’t assume our […]

Smartboy, The Case That Turns Smartphone Into A GameBoy Is Real!

Remember, Smartboy? The April’s Fools joke which Hyperkin decided to turn into a real world product? Well, as it turns out, it is a real thing now. That took quite a while; it’s more than a year since the tease, but I guess for GameBoy fans, it is better late than never. According to the […]

Seek Thermal Can Now Slips Onto The Back Of OtterBox uniVERSE Case

Thermal imaging products maker Seek Thermal has teamed up with manufacturer of tough smartphone case OtterBox to incorporate its iOS thermal imaging modules, Seek Compact and Seek CompactXR for iOS, into OtterBox uniVERSE Case System. The slim case is compatible with a host of swappable modules, including olloclip 4-in-1 lens kit, Polar Pro Pulsar Bluetooth […]

Helium Core Will Turn Your iPhone Into A Pro-level iPhonegraphy Rig

It is a known fact that iPhone is pretty huge in the imaging department. You don’t need specs to tell you that; gazillions of images around the Internet already proven that. But as good as it is, can it be anymore professional? Well, what do you know? It actually can – if you suit it […]