We heard dbrand collaborative skins and cases with JerryRigEverything aka Zack Nelson was ripped off by a big name. But who cares about Tear Down skin right? I mean it is so yesterday. Besides, you can only see this much with Tear Down skins and cases. If really want to dig deeper, you need to put the device under a special X-ray machine and that was what dbrand and Zack did.

dbrand x JerryRigEverything X-Ray Skins and Cases

Long story short, Tear Down Skin was good but now there is a new inside look at your favorite devices – courtesy of X-ray scans. Folks, meet the dbrand x JerryRigEverything X-Ray Skins and Cases. This latest case/skin offers a new perspective on your beloved gadgets including the likes of the iPhone 15 series, iPhone 15 Pro series, Pixel 8 series, MacBook Pro laptops, Framework laptops, Nintendo Switch, and more.

It comes in a choice of X-ray dark or light but the good news is that you don’t have to pull your hair over which one to choose because when you pick up one, dbrand will give the other for free. We are not sure if this offer is permanent or if there is a cut-off date.

The dbrand x JerryRigEverything X-Ray is available now. Prices start at US$24.95.

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dbrand x JerryRigEverything X-Ray Skins and Cases

Images: dbrand.

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