Couch Gaming Is Officially A Thing Because Of Razer Turret’s ‘Lapboard’

Yup. That’s right. Razer has just made couch gaming an official thing with the Razer Turret Living Room Gaming Mouse and Lapboard and yes, it is calling it ‘lapboard’, which means the keyboard will be as comfy on your laps as it is on a table. The Turret is, as the company described, “a mouse […]

Apple Updates iMac Family with Retina 4K and Retina 5K Displays

In the last keynote event in September, the classic one-liner “one more thing” was missing and it was probably missing intentionally as that “one more thing” was announced just today, in the form of updated iMac. Aesthetically, as you may have anticipated, it is still the iMac you love. Sporting the same aluminum chassis, but […]

LG’s Full-size Portable Keyboard Rolls Up to Fit Even the Tightest Space

Portable keyboards and in this case, Bluetooth-enable ones, are not new and up till now, it is either super compact, but not actually a full size keyboard, or it is almost full-size, but lacks of the portability. Yes. They are still portable, possibly by the way of folding, which is not exactly the compact, compact, […]

Samsung Keyboard Cover Will Turn Galaxy S6 edge+ and Note 5 into a Blackberry-like Device

Along with the announcement of the Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 smartphones, Samsung also took the opportunity to push out some related accessories, including a wireless charger, a variety of protective cases and this Keyboard Cover, which will turn your spanking new Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5 into a Blackberry-like device. […]

Razer Adds Colored Lighting into DeathStalker Gaming Keyboard and Orbweaver Keypad

These days gamers demand a lot of style, or maybe it is company like Razer that makes ‘style’ a fad. Either way, Razer is leading the charge in the “show off your rig” phenomenal and it is continuing to do so by refreshing its hardware with Chroma lighting software. The latest to get the Chroma […]

Moky is a Multi-platform Bluetooth Keyboard Where the Keyboard is a Big-ass Touchpad

If you one of those who felt a keyboard, a touchpad and a mouse makes a mess out of you desktop, or a chore to carry while you are on the go, then we think Moky Invisible Touchpad Keyboard could be the answer that will reduce one more clutter in your life. Founded by former […]

Sonder E-ink Keyboard Can Adapt to Display App-specific Layouts

On a Mac, Shift-Option-2 is the shortcut to the euro (€) symbol and that’s just one of them. There are a bunch of others which can be quite confusing and that’s not to mention the various other shortcuts for other programs. There is really no better way than to memorizing those shortcuts by heart or […]

Never Mind About Greasy Fingers, KFC Tray Typer Will Let You Type Away Without Greasing Your Handset

You know how it is. You were in the midst of savoring some delicious, finger lickin’ good fried chicken when suddenly your phone beeps and you had to reply to that all-important text with content like “where are you?” and you will be like “I am eating my damn fried chicken, that’s where! No thanks […]

TextBlade Bluetooth Keyboard: Super Tiny But Comes With Full Size Keyboard Keys and Spacing

As compared to smartphone of say, five years ago, today’s smartphones and tablets are very capable. In fact, for some, they have become their workhorses over traditional laptops for working on-the-go. Though so, touchscreen is never the the preferred input option and hence, the existence of keyboard made especially for these devices. We have seen […]

Logitech K480 Wants To Be The One And Only Keyboard For All Your Devices

if one, you own multiple devices (and actively use them); two, you are a serious multitasker; and three, you think keyboard is an indispensable tool even for your mobile devices, then we think the Logitech K480 Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard would probably be a God-send peripheral. it is a Bluetooth keyboard, which is not a secret, […]