Flux Transparent Keyboard with Integrated Display

For years, mankind has fantasized and even attempt to ditch the physical keyboards but alas, we couldn’t do it. We just cannot sacrifice the tactile feel for fancy display-based keys. But what if there is a middle way that lets you have the tactile feel of a mechanical keyboard and the adaptability of a touchscreen keyboard? Well, the Flux Keyboard is one such keyboard.

Flux Transparent Keyboard with Integrated Display

I know right. Flux Keyboard sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi novel or movie or TV show and it is hard to believe that it is real. But it is real. And it is more futuristic than I imagined it to be. However, simply put, the Flux Keyboard is essentially a touchscreen with a physical keyboard interface that is transparent on it.

The latter is called a ‘Frame’ and features MagLev (magnetic levitation) technology to suspend the keys while the former is a full HD IPS display that automatically switches between profiles to reveal relevant keyboard shortcuts and fully customizable macros for any software and in any language. Speaking of which, the keyboard supports over 27 languages out-of-the-box.

The Flux Keyboard also heralds a new era of keyboard customization. Forget about RGB colors, this little guy allows you to customize it with any background image, video, or even an interactive style.

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Flux Transparent Keyboard with Integrated Display

The keyboard supports layouts for popular applications which you can modify to suit your workflow. You can also make your own custom layout for any software too.

Another highlight of the Flux Keyboard is the interchangeable modules. Up to 4 modules can be attached to the keyboard magnetically to improve your productivity.

There are 4 types of modules available: the passive module offers information, the side dial module adds a scroll wheel with an assignable function, the triple dial module for adjustable multiple variables in supported applications, and a triple key module with three customizable keys.

Flux Transparent Keyboard with Integrated Display

Not going to lie. At this point, it still feels like a concept tech but apparently, the Australia-based company has demonstrated its tech in Adelaide.

If you are intrigued, you may learn more about this futuristic keyboard over at their website or on Kickstarter where you can also pre-order it by pledging for a product.

It is not cheap, however. It would probably be the most expensive keyboard you will ever buy. Kickstarter’s price starts at 525 Australian dollars, or about US$353.

Flux Transparent Keyboard with Integrated Display

Images: Flux Group Pty. Ltd.