Here Are Some Really, Really Cool Robotech Collectibles From Kids Logic

Popular eighties anime Macross is thirty-five this year, but the mash-up, the eight-five episodes American mix, is a few years short of that, but regardless, it won’t change anything and it certainly won’t stop Kids Logic’s series of Macross/Robotech collectibles from popping up in the market. Be warned though, these collectibles will coax your Benjamin […]

Yay! Hovering DeLorean Time Machine is Real, Albeit in 1/20th Scale

To this day, there have been countless DeLorean Time Machine collectibles, ranging from the life size vehicle to scaled models. However, none of them actually flies, much less hovers. Well, that’s until Kids Logic comes along and shove a real hovering DeLorean of 1/20 scale into our face. First appeared at the Ani-Com and Games […]