Koenigsegg Made Hypercar A Selfish Car No More With A Four-Seater “Mega-GT”

Koenigsegg is best known for two-seater super fast, exotic cars surprises the world with The Gemera, a 4-seater “Mega-GT.” Packing a ludicrous combine electric and I.C. power of 1,700 horsepower and even more ludicrous torque of 3600 Nm (2,655.22 lb-ft), The Gemera rockets to 0-62 (0-100 kph) in mere 1.9 seconds and has a top …

Koenigsegg Agera One:1 Megacar

to call the new Koenigsegg Agera One:1 a supercar is an insult and calling it a hypercar is really a gross understatement, because it is the world’s first production car to achieve one megawatt of power (1,341 hp) and touts a power-to-weight ratio of one-to-one (that’s a kg to a hp), which effectively makes it a megacar.