Kyocera Anshin Is A Smartphone To Help The Elderly To Transition From Feature Phones

Elderly folks around me have already transitioned to smartphones. But apparently, some senior members of the society in Japan are still stuck with feature phones (probably not Supreme’s) which, IMHO, is a major stumbling block to their digital literacy. To overcome this, Kyocera has designed the Anshin KY-51B smartphone.

Kyocera’s New Ultra-Rugged 4G LTE Handset Uses the Display to Transmit Sound Through Vibrations

Kyocera, the name that is, in some parts of the world, synonymous with photocopying machines, has announced the launch of the new TORQUE, an ultra-rugged 4G LTE smartphone. Having been in the business of turning out ruggedized handsets, the new TORQUE does not come as a surprise. It is yet another U.S. Military Standard (specifically, …

Kyocera Opal Protective Film for iPhone

looking to add some bling to your iPhone? why not go beyond the case and do the bling thing on the display as well? thanks to the Kyocera Opal Protective Film for iPhone, you can actually do that. no kidding. basically, what Kyocera did was to infuse the firm’s unique “Kyoto Opal” material into the polyethylene terephthalate (PET) protective film

Kyocera DIGNO S LTE Smartphone

Kyocera is not usually a brand known for mobile phones outside of Japan. if you ask me, i’d say that i am more familiar with their photocopier machines than anything else. for the uninitiated, the Japanese firm have been making mobile phones for quite a while now and though unaware to us, the gai-jin, they are actually doing quite well. in fact, they have just announced a…