amidst the show-stoppers from the industry big players at last week’s MWC, Japanese firm Kyocera actually also have some tricks up their sleeves. the firm showoff a few products, but it is this drool-worthy visionary product known as the Flexible Phone Concept that caught our eyes. actually, there is no official name for it, after all, it is still a concept, but at Kyocera’s booth, this product has a description rather than a name to it. described by the firm as “ultra-thin smartphone transforms into three different devices”, it is a “lightweight, thin, pliable smartphone”, a “bangle-style health monitor with vital sensor and proprietary apps”, and it is also a “phone clip for handsfree usage.”

in case we have lost you, those three things are one device, which means the phone can be flexed into a bracelet to be worn as an activity/fitness tracker, much like the recently announced Samsung Gear Fit. what’s more impressive is, the whole facade of the device is one huge display with no bezel. looking at this concept has rekindle our hope for dream tech which sci-fi movie Minority Report has proposed, but just how soon can this tech come onto the market is anybody’s guess. regardless, we are definitely looking forward to the day when humanity can truly be called ‘high-tech’ beings.

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