This Neo-Retro Sci-Fi LEGO MOC Wall Art Need To Be An Official Set!

Oh, nothing much here. These are just awesome LEGO interpretations of sci-fi classic posters and book covers from the 80s aptly called Tales Of The Space Age by LEGO Ideas member john_carter (not John Carter of Mars, just in case you think he his!).

LEGO Ideas Submission, A Taste Of LEGO, Wants You To Play With Food

What LEGO bricks can create is limited to our imagination. I mean, even bouquets and bonsai are covered, what else it cannot make? Strangely, though, not many LEGO enthusiasts have tried to please our palate. I mean, well, not that we are going to eat it. Just saying not many have created food using these …

LEGO Ideas 21330 Home Alone Has 3,955 Pieces And LEGO Light Brick Element

Wait. Did we not tell you that the LEGO Ideas submission of the iconic house from Home Alone by Alex Storozhuk aka adwind, was greenlit by LEGO? Never mind if we didn’t because the set, officially called LEGO Ideas 21330 Home Alone, will be dropping soon.

Here Are 10 LEGO Ideas Submissions That We Think Deserve Your Support

I was just admiring some of the submissions on LEGO Ideas. One submission caught my eyes. Then another and another… God damn it. They are all too brilliant! So, here it is, my list of 10 LEGO Ideas submissions that I think are worthy of a vote.

Someone Is Proposing A LEGO Ideas Set Of A Circuit Board City And I Think It’s Brilliant

Have you ever look at a circuit board and imagine it to be a futuristic, miniature city? Not going to lie. I did when I was a kid and I still do now. It looks like there is at least one other person in this world who thinks like me. The thing is, this person …

This LEGO MOC Vintage Cash Register On LEGO Ideas Need To Be An Official Set!

After seeing how beautiful a vintage gadget such as a typewriter can look as a LEGO model, we can’t help but think that this proposed LEGO Ideas set, the Antique Cash Register LEGO MOC would be just as awesome – if not more awesome.

If You Like Photography, You Will Appreciate This LEGO MOC UR-Leica Set

Surprisingly, there aren’t many LEGO MOC on Leica. Even more rare is the one that replicates the Original Leica shooter. The Vintage Camera: UR-Leica 1914 LEGO MOC is one such rare creation that is now on LEGO Ideas vying for your one precious support (LEGO Ideas should just go with “vote” instead of “support”. Just …

Winner Of LEGO Ideas Music To Our Ears Competition, The LEGO Fender Stratocaster, Is Now An Official Set

TOMOELL’s Legendary (Fender) Stratocaster is not just the winner of LEGO Ideas’ Music to our Ears contest. In fact, the review board at the LEGO Group love it so much that the toymaker decided to commission it. And commissioned it did.