Meet The Canadian Who Has The Most Marvel Comic Characters Tattooed On The Body

While some Marvel fans expressed their love for comic characters by collecting action figures, one man from Canada, Rick Scolamiero, has other idea of how to express his love for Marvel comic characters: by tattooing 31 figures from his favorite comic book universe on his body. The figures he had on his body include made-famous-by-movie […]

You Can Learn To Draw Your Favorite Avengers Characters With This Book

Drawing. It is the most expressive form after words, but unlike words, not everyone is born with the knack to draw. Fortunately, humans are capable of learning and this 128-page Learn to Draw Marvel’s The Avengers (Walter Foster, ISBN 978-1633225121) is one such help – IF you yearn to draw characters from Marvel’s Avengers like […]

Hot Toys Infinity War Hulkbuster, Iron Spider And Plush Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel’s movie event of the year, Avengers: Infinity War has finally hit the theaters, but the merchandises are not showing any sign of slowing down. At least not for Hong Kong toy maker, Hot Toys. We just received words that two more collectibles have popped up: an Infinity War Hulkbuster and an Infinity War Iron […]

Infinity Gauntlet Is Now A Bluetooth Speaker That Would Cost The Galaxy

Thanos may have the Infinity Gauntlet to rule the universe (well, more like threatening the universe to submission), but in this alternate dimension to the Mad Titan’s, the Infinity Gauntlet is not for intimidating the galaxy. It is a collectible, a pretty sick wearable toy (there’s even a wearable plush!), and now, a Bluetooth speaker. […]

Hasbro’s Articulated Infinity Gauntlet Is Wearable And Not A Bank-breaker

As much as we love the life-size replica of the Mad Titan’s prized space glove, AKA Infinity Gauntlet, I know very well I will not get it because of several reasons. Firstly, I do not live a mansion with extra rooms to display all these drool worthy collectibles. Secondly, blogger-level of income does not allow […]

A Different Kind Of War Rages In The Bedroom With These Avengers Sex Toys

As the war rages in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, there is another war brewing inside the bedroom (or anywhere, basically, if you have that kind of fetish). You must asking “what has Marvel’s latest blockbuster movie have to with the bedroom?” Well, nothing, really, but that’s until Australia sex toys maker, Geeky Sex Toys, comes […]

Winning Designs Become Upcoming Uniqlo Marvel Superheroes T-Shirts

Once again, Uniqlo proves that drawing talents outside of Uniqlo does result in exciting t-shirt print designs. For this upcoming new UT line, Uniqlo is pulling designs from the brand’s Grand Prix 2018 T-shirt design contest that celebrates the superheroes of Marvel. Well, it sucks to be villains, isn’t it? They hardly ever gotten any […]

Hot Toys Unveiled Avengers: Infinity War Captain America 1/6th Scale Figure

When we went thru the list of Avengers: Infinity War collectibles unveiled by Hong Kong toy maker, Hot Toys, we noticed that the star of the show, Cap, was not present. Well, he wasn’t in the 1/6th scale collectible figures lineup anyways. As it turns out, Hot Toys may have saved the last for the […]

There’s Hulkverine Now And No, Hulk And Wolvie Did Not Have A Child

Marvel universe has expanded beyond our wildest imagination even before Marvel Cinematic Universe started seeing success as blockbuster live action movies. But this thing here is way beyond my wildest imagination: a Hulk cross Wolverine. Yes. You freaking read that right. Hulkverine is a thing! Holy mother of…. What kind of abomination is this? Whatever […]

Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Hat Will Give You Impossible Bling Power

The thing that rule our real world is money and maybe nuclear weapons, but in the Marvel Universe, the one object that rules everything had to be the Infinity Gauntlet, with all the six crazy powerful gems, of course. With it, the wearer will be bestowed with unimaginable power that would be enough to push […]