Justice League RC Batmobile Spews Real Exhaust, Offers FPV Driving

What you see here is a RC Batmobile from toy maker Mattel. So what’s with this RC toy that gets us so stoked? Well, first and foremost, it is an exact replica of the Batmobile that will appear in the upcoming DC Comics’ Justice League movie. As you can see, Bruce’s crimefighting automobile gets some […]

Look, Hot Wheels Made A Real Life X-Wing Car And It Looks Totally Awesome

When you were a kid, you probably had dreamed of being a pilot because you thought you could one day pilot a X-Wing Fighter. Now that you are all grown up, reality sets in; you know that X-Wing Fighter defies the law of aerodynamics and hence, it will never be a real aircraft, much less […]

Mattel Celebrates 50 Years Of Star Trek With New Star Trek Barbie Dolls

50 years. That’s how long since the first Star Trek series hit the tube on NBC and it forever changed how we see sci-fi and beam me up, Scotty becomes an acceptable expression. You can say Star Trek phenomena is a pop culture of our time, one that lets our imagination run to wildest corner […]

Mattel’s New View-Master VR Headset Is Sleek, But Very Un-View-Master

It’s barely six months after the VR generation-centric View-Master hits the stores and Mattel is already all set to show off an upgraded version of the first at this year’s Toy Fair. The View-Master DLX, as it is called, will sport better optics, focal adjustment and enhanced audio via, presumably, the integrated headphone connector. As […]

Mattel’s ThingMaker Reimagined For 2016, Wants Kids To Design And Make Their Own Toys With 3D Printer

So you think Play-Doh spurs kids’ creativity and imagination? Well, it did, but Mattel’s is going to give that modelling compound a run for their money with its ThingMaker ecosystem which includes the ThingMaker Design App and wait for it, a kid-friend, easy-to-use ThingMaker 3D Printer. How’s that for a high-tech toy? I bet it […]

Mattel x Google View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack Hits The Shelves

Remember the View-Master toy as reimagined by Mattel and Google announced earlier this year? Well, here’s the good news: it is now available, just in time for this gifting season. Priced at just $25, this kid-friendly high-tech toy is actually based on Google’s virtual reality platform, Cardboard, which kind of makes it a Virtual Reality […]

Mattel and Google Join Forces to Reimagine the Iconic View-Master Toy, Brings Virtual Reality into the Mix

We are not sure if kids of today will be going gaga over a VR-based ‘toy’, but for those who grew up mucking around with View-Master like we do, we are certainly thrilled. So yes. View-Master is making a comeback and it is working with Google to put virtual reality into the mix. Forget about […]

If Darth Vader Had A Car, This Is What It Will Look Like

Lord Vader probably don’t need a mundane transport like the C5 Corvette, but if he ever had one, it will probably look like this Hot Wheels Darth Vader Car. absolutely no doubt about it. however, Death Star is probably lacking of highway for it anyway. if you have watched the original trilogy over and over […]

Mattel BOOMco. Blasters

step aside NERF, Mattel’s BOOMco. Blasters will soon be in town to challenge your supremacy in the foam dart-shooting blaster market. for nearly three years, toy giant Mattel has been hatching a plan to usurp the king of the blaster and result is four blasters that are set to hit the U.S. market this summer for around…

Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition

if you happen to be one of those boys who played with Hot Wheels and are all growth up now, the good news is, you can still play with them without having to hide yourself in the attic, away from you boys and the best part is, it will be a full-scale fun. you are looking at the first ever life-size Hot Wheels car, the Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Edition that will be dropping in at dealer…