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Nixon The Unit Boba Fett Limited Reissue Watch Lacks “Battle Scars”

Have you ever seen the infamous bounty hunter, Boba Fett, flick his wrist to check the time? No. He probably don’t even have a watch. Then how the hell did he keep to his schedule? Question, question, question. I guess we will never know and it probably doesn’t matter, but to you, his loyal fan, you need to tell time in this real world, and what better way then to do it with a digital timepiece (digital for the sci-fi touch, I guess?) decorated with a design inspired by one of the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunters, Nixon The Unit Boba Fett – Limited Reissue Wrist Watch? Continue reading Nixon The Unit Boba Fett Limited Reissue Watch Lacks “Battle Scars”

Nixon The Unit SS Watch

Nixon The Unit SS Watch Silver-Red
Nixon The Unit SS Watch | from US$200.00 | www.nixonnow.com

despite its chilling namesake, the Nixon The Unit SS Watch is anything but so. fans would know that the SS represents a far more purer meaning which happens to be stainless steel and not some Nazi’s Schutzstaffel or protective squadron. however, we are pretty sure Nixon would be more than happy to see you swearing your allegiance to them. anyway, a digital watch is usually synonymous with ruggedness that don’t quite go well with your favorite tuxe but not the Unit SS. it has the unmistakable rugged feel to it but its custom cut stainless steel dial masking and custom stainless steel case with separate stainless steel bezel makes it look pretty savvy at the same time. Continue reading Nixon The Unit SS Watch

Nixon THE STEELCAT Chronograph

Nixon THE STEELCAT Chronograph All Black
(image: Nixon) Nixon THE STEELCAT Chronograph Wrist Watch | US$650.00 | www.nixonnow.com

often we admire the beauty of luxury timepieces, knowing that we probably won’t be able to splurge on such luxury but lucky for us, there’s a ‘go between’ like the upcoming Nixon THE STEELCAT Chronograph Watch. brand name and stature aside, this watch lures our attentions away from who the maker is behind it. not surprisingly, Nixon takes its design cue from luxury brand name like Hublot and Audemars Piguet, and the result is what you see here: THE STEELCAT. the watch features a 5-hand SWISS Quartz chronograph movement, a custom 48mm stainless steel case, domed sapphire crystal, rubber bezel, screw down crown, silicone strap with molded stainless steel hardware, and water resistant up to 300-meter depth. Continue reading Nixon THE STEELCAT Chronograph

Nixon popular wristwatches given the raw finish treatment

Nixon Raw Steel watches 544x311px
(credit: Nixon) Nixon Raw Steel Wristwatches | from US$348.99 | www.watchismo.com

to be honest, i am not quite sure if this is Nixon’s handy work or somebody else’s but what matter most is these time pieces look super wicked cool. if you think the glittery colors of the world of wristwatch makes you look a little sissy, than perhaps these stripped down Nixon Raw Steel wristwatches will make you feel a whole lot manlier. instead of the shiny chrome or gold (or whatever), these watches are of pure raw steel finish which are sure to turn heads. these are the perfect examples of minimalism at its best. despite being raw finish, the watches still maintain it’s original form and functionality. currently, there are three raw steel that you can choose from: Chronicle SS, 42-20 Chrono and the 51-30 Chrono but of course, if you have huge pockets, there’s no stopping you from grabbing all three of them. there’s nothing like a cold, chunky raw steel on your wrist. yes? Continue reading Nixon popular wristwatches given the raw finish treatment

watchmaker Nixon dabs into the world of portable speakers

Nixon The Block 544x338px
(image credit: Nixon) Nixon The Block Speakers & The TPS | US$80.00 | www.nixonnow.com

long time fashion watchmaker Nixon and more recently, headphones maker has now dipped their hands in the world of portable speakers. two portable speakers were being introduced recently. the first is the ‘The Block’ which is a modular set of speakers in shape of triangle (or sandwich) that snaps together using magnetic closure, forming a block, hence making them easy to store and transport. Continue reading watchmaker Nixon dabs into the world of portable speakers

minimalism: Nixon The Trooper 3 Button headphones

Nixon Trooper 3 Button - Matte White & Matte Black 544x311px
(image credit: Nixon) Nixon The Trooper 3 Button Headphones | US$60.00 | www.nixonnow.com

you can’t get any minimalist than this new pair of cans from Nixon, the maker of wrist watches. yes. watch maker… Nixon has been into personal audio equipment for quite sometime now and The Trooper 3 Button is the latest to join the ranks of cans and buds in their headphones and audio accessories line up.

design and specs-wise, the Trooper 3 Button is essentially The Trooper with an added 3 Button in-line remote which is compatible with iPhone. other features include padded headband, custom molded silicone ear cushions and collapsible headband for easy storage. well, not that the headphones is any bigger but that how it is designed to be. the cord is also removable, again for easy storage.

The Trooper 3 Button comes in a choice of two colors: matte black and matte white. plain and simple. The Trooper 3 Button retails for $60 and is available now on Nixon online store.