watchmaker Nixon dabs into the world of portable speakers

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(image credit: Nixon) Nixon The Block Speakers & The TPS | US$80.00 |

long time fashion watchmaker Nixon and more recently, headphones maker has now dipped their hands in the world of portable speakers. two portable speakers were being introduced recently. the first is the ‘The Block’ which is a modular set of speakers in shape of triangle (or sandwich) that snaps together using magnetic closure, forming a block, hence making them easy to store and transport.
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next up is what Nixon dubbed as ‘TPS’ which is a minimalist portable aluminum speaker. the TPS features a lid that conceals and stores the 3.5 mm stereo cable. another feature is its daisy-chain capability to create a bigger sound. both speakers boost internal batteries that can last up to six hours and rechargeable via USB. if you have been following Nixon’s products, you will immediately notice the unmistakable Nixon-ish design. don’t believe? just look at their headphones line and you will know what i mean.

Nixon’s The Block and TPS retails for $80 a pop and are available via Nixon web store. oh, The Block is available in either white or black while the TPS comes in a choice of all black or silver.

Nixon Headphones & Audio Accessories via Oh Gizmo! / Acquire

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