Nixon popular wristwatches given the raw finish treatment

Nixon Raw Steel watches 544x311px
(credit: Nixon) Nixon Raw Steel Wristwatches | from US$348.99 |

to be honest, i am not quite sure if this is Nixon’s handy work or somebody else’s but what matter most is these time pieces look super wicked cool. if you think the glittery colors of the world of wristwatch makes you look a little sissy, than perhaps these stripped down Nixon Raw Steel wristwatches will make you feel a whole lot manlier. instead of the shiny chrome or gold (or whatever), these watches are of pure raw steel finish which are sure to turn heads. these are the perfect examples of minimalism at its best. despite being raw finish, the watches still maintain it’s original form and functionality. currently, there are three raw steel that you can choose from: Chronicle SS, 42-20 Chrono and the 51-30 Chrono but of course, if you have huge pockets, there’s no stopping you from grabbing all three of them. there’s nothing like a cold, chunky raw steel on your wrist. yes?
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prices of the Nixon Raw Steel Wristwatches start from $348.99 for the Chronicle SS, $449.99 for both the 42-20 Chrono and 51-30 Chrono.

Watchismo via Cool Material