Kyle Buckner Designs’ The iTable is a coffee table sound dock

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(credit: Kyle Buckner Designs) The iTable | from US$tba |

whenever there’s an ‘i’ preceding a product name, you know its meant for some iOS devices. that said, you will know that Kyle Buckner’s the iTable featured here is a table for iOS devices – just think of it as an oversized sound dock for your iPhone or iPod that is also a coffee table. completely handcrafted by the man himself, this industrial design furniture turns from a coffee table to a sound dock and vice versa with just a swipe across its front table top. check out a demo video after the break. (point of interest: 0:20).
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designed by Kyle Buckner Designs, the iTable sports an integrated subwoofer at its base for the added oomp and a pop-up speakers that magically appears just by swiping the coffee table top. it even has a couple of LED lit cup holders built into the coffee top. with the speaker popped up, the iTable does look like an oversized sound dock and if YouTube’s sound quality is to believe, i’d say it has pretty good sound quality too. if you are totally sold by Kyle’s iTable, then you will be glad to know that he will built one for you upon request for a certain amount. you can either request a different design or order a replica of Kyle’s fine example shown here. head on Kyle Buckner Designs to find out more.

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