Seahope Signboard Watch replicates Tokyo subway signboard

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(credit: Seahope) Seahope Signboard Watch | from ¥10,290.00 |

if you are fond of Japan’s culture, Tokyo in particular, then here’s a chance for you to own a piece of its culture. Tokyo is famous for many things and among them, its subway is perhaps one of the most famous sight. you can’t bring a train back home so putting its familiar train signboard on your wrist is the next best thing you could do. sporting a clock face that replicates the signboard at Tokyo subway station, the Seahope Signboard Watch tells you the time in a manner of a train arrival announcement.
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the watch features an organic LED display encased in a sturdy brass metal body while the strap bucket is of black stainless steel hardware. powered by a pair of CR2032 battery, the watch is water resistant but no mention of what is the tolerance to water. i suppose it should be able to take some beatings from the rain. pressing the side button calls up the time displayed like a train arrival announcement (for the next train) while another press displays the date along with a message that the next train will not stop at this station. sounds pretty fun way to tell time, then again you would have to be able to read Japanese language to make any sense out of it. still it has a huge novelty factor to it.

prices for the Seahope Signboard Watches start from ¥10,290 (about US$128). you could get someone to grab it for you from Japan or you could head on to Watchismo grab yours. incidentally, Watchismo is having a sales for these watches and prices start from $99.99 and runs up to $159.99.

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