PCS Transformers Devastator Platinum Ex Statue

There are Transformers toys and then there are Transformers collectibles reserved for fans with very deep pockets and maybe a large living space. The Transformers Devastator Platinum Ex Statue from Premium Collectibles Studio (PCS) is the latter. It is not toon-accurate, btw. This statue is a stylized version of the first combiner in the Transformers universe.

PCS Transformers Devastator Platinum Ex Statue

This masterpiece comes ready for action, brandishing a massive blaster that signifies its readiness for battle. The statue stands proudly on a Decepticon-inspired base, bathed in regal purples and adorned with futuristic accents, ensuring it becomes the centerpiece of any collection without overwhelming its surroundings.

The Platinum Exclusive version you see here boasts not one but three interchangeable heads and further touts switch-out hands, allowing this formidable combiner to hold his iconic blaster and the left arm, equipped with a menacing drill attachment.

Owning the Transformers Devastator Platinum Ex Statue is not just having a display piece. In addition to having the ability to switch the head for different expressions, and switching out the hands, it comes with a pair of black gloves for handling it, and a makeup brush so you can engage in the therapeutic act of keeping it spick and span.

PCS Transformers Devastator Platinum Ex Statue

Well, that’s if you haven’t already planned to display it in a dust-free display case like those from Moduspace which you probably want to do because this big guy is not cheap. It has a museum-worthy price tag of a whopping US$3,510.

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And you will also need a huge space too because this thing is enormous. It measures 41.5 inches across, 34 inches deep, and is 45 inches tall (105 x 86 x 114 cm). Well, it is not called museum scale for nothing.

Exclusivity is not in the size and price; a metal Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) adds to the exclusivity, however, the true crown jewels might just be the opportunity to win a genuine 1oz Platinum PCS collector’s coin or a Ruby Ticket granting $200 in PCS loyalty points.

The Transformers Devastator Platinum Ex Statue has a modest edition number of 75. It is available for pre-orders if anyone’s interested. It is expected to be released sometime between September and November 2024.

Images: Premium Collectibles Studio.