If you think a piece of gadgets like Echo or Echo Show is a little harsh on your decor, then the new Amazon Echo Show 15 is going to please you. How? Because it is essentially just a display.

Amazon Echo Show 15 Announced

Oh, wait. It would be unfair to say Amazon Echo Show 15 is “a display” because it really looks like wall art or a picture frame. In other words, it will blend into your home decor without making feel like your humble abode is loaded with cold, emotionless gadgets.

While it can be wall-mounted, the new Echo Show can also be placed on the counter for which it will still look pretty much like a picture frame. It has a customizable Home Screen which you can load with Alexa widgets to keep you organized.

Amazon Echo Show 15 Announced

Like the other Echo Show, it can be connected with other smart home devices, allowing you to track packages, leave notes for family members, and whatnot.

It has a built-in camera for video conference and you know, stuff, but it also addresses privacy concerns with regards to a camera with a built-in shutter to cover the camera.

Amazon Echo Show 15 Announced

To further address privacy concerns, speed and computer vision processing are on-device, which the next-generation Amazon AZ2 Neural Edge processor is more than capable of pulling off – along with a bunch of other tasks.

This being a proper display, it can, of course, stream content in 1080p from popular streaming platforms including Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, and soon SLING TV.

Speaking of which…. wouldn’t it be strange to have it in the middle of the wall, like say in a hallway, when it can stream contents. I mean, you’d have to stand in a rather awkward location to watch something? Perhaps, not fixing it to a wall would be a great idea. Just saying…

Amazon Echo Show 15 Announced

Anyhoo, yes, I do dig the picture frame concept because it enables the gadget to assimilate into the typical home decor. I mean, we don’t need homes looking like The Jetsons‘, right?

The Amazon Echo Show 15 will sell for US$249.99 when it becomes available. Meanwhile, more details are available HERE.

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