Nuu Mobile Brings Facial Recognition-enabled G3 Smartphone To Las Vegas

OK. We are going to get this done quick because, you may want this phone. Also, coming from Nuu Mobile, you know it is going to be easy on your pocket and so here goes. This is Nuu G3 smartphone, the latest from handset maker Nuu and though it was introduced a while back, the […]

Nuu Introduces Its First Flagship Unlock Android Smartphone with Octacore Processor, Cost Just $300

We used to look forward to Nexus smartphone every year, because they were affordable and often top spec, but as we all know, that affordability has ended with Nexus 6. However, our hope for a top-spec device at an affordable price point is not lost, thanks to a handful smartphone makers and the latest to […]

Nuu’s Latest Android Phones Promised Premium Features For As Low As $180

Being budget-conscious does not mean you need to settle for less. This is especially true for smartphones, or more specifically Android phones, but only if maker like Nuu make good their promises. Speaking of Nuu, the outfit has just announced a pair of new handsets, namely Nu3s and X1. These new devices promised “features of […]