Google’s Project Ara Modular Smartphone Makes Headway, Ready For Pilot Launch

Before you get all excited, we must get something out of the way first and that’s with regard to the “pilot” launch; it is only exclusively available in Puerto Rico for now. Yea. Bummer. We know, but it is a headway, nonetheless. No? First announced back in 2013 and after parting way with Motorola, we …

Motorola Project Ara Modular Smartphone

lets not kid ourselves; we never wished for a phone upgrade cos’ being geeks, we are all in for new gadgets and hence, an endeavor like the Motorola Project Ara Modular Smartphone which touts upgradability may not be the cuppa for us and some folks. i am not saying everyone is like us, but most of us, though not explicitly expressed, could benefit from a jolt of excitement