lets not kid ourselves; we never wished for a phone upgrade cos’ being geeks, we are all in for new gadgets and hence, an endeavor like the Motorola Project Ara Modular Smartphone which touts upgradability may not be the cuppa for us and some folks. i am not saying everyone is like us, but most of us, though not explicitly expressed, could benefit from a jolt of excitement into our tech-laden life, and getting a brand new phone kind of does that. however, if you look at Motorola Project Ara Modular Smartphone from another perspective, it is like a hardware version of the Android, where the community decides how the phone should look, what it is made of (or where it is made, even) and basically, customize the phone to your specific needs.

the backbone of the phone is the endoskeleton (don’t worry, it won’t hunt you down like Terminator) where modules are added to it, making up a complete handset. think of it as adding hardware, instead of apps, for new functionality or replacing them altogether for better performance. this means that ‘slow’ performing phone can be updated with a new application processor, cracked display can be replaced easily or to a higher resolution item, extra battery module for longer usage time, or even adding additional or newly developed sensors to expand the capability of the phone. Motorola’s Project Ara Team, which falls under Motorola Advanced Technology and Projects, is working with creator of Phonebloks, Dave Hakkens who basically has the same idea and vision, to continue the development of Ara. well, it certainly makes sense, cos’ Hakkens could really use some technical expertise from the Google owned company and Motorola, on the other hand, could reap the benefit from the community Dave’s Phonebloks have established thus far.

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like i have said, updating a phone may not a fancy to all, but the concept of being able developed a phone, or at least in modules, that actually suits your need sounds pretty enticing to us. the Motorola Project Ara Modular Smartphone is still a long way from fruition, not to mention a working prototype, but we are pretty doped about it nevertheless and you can be sure we will be keeping our eyes peeled for more information. that said, i hope they won’t take any longer than my retirement. though there is a glimmer of hope as Motorola will be releasing a developer kit later this year for developers to start prototyping bloks. learn more about Phonebloks and Project Ara in the video below, or hit up this link for more information.

Motorola via Engadget

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