VooMote One turns your iPhone into a Universal Remote

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(image credit: zero1.tv) VooMote One | €69.90 | voomote.tv

latest to join the turn-your-iPhone-into-a-universal-remote club is start-up German firm zero1.tv. with their first product, the VooMote One. the VooMote One is a case-like attachment that has a built-in Infrared transmitter that turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a universal remote. needless to say, this piece of hardware has to work in unison with a companion app for it to work.
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highlights include support for more than 30,000 A/V products ranging from TV to home theater systems, learning function, user-friendly setup wizard, and personalizing setup for individual rooms. there’s a particularly interesting feature called ‘One View’ in which multiple remote controls can be displayed on a single screen. in the ‘One View’, primary buttons of the two or more equipment are shown and a simple swiping gesture will unveil the full list of buttons.

it is compatible with 2nd to 4th generation iPod Touches, iPhone 3G thru to iPhone 4. the VooMote One retails for €69.90 (about US$101) while the companion app is available free via the AppStore. unfortunately, shipping is currently restricted to Europe. no word on its availability for the rest of the world.

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VooMote One via UberGizmo

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