you and i know that apart from the Defender, you are not really going to let a SUV as luxurious as the Range Rover off the road. that’s not to say it is not capable of doing so, but that capability is best reserve for situations when you need to get away from the thugs on Cadillac or something, otherwise, this 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Long Wheelbase would be the ride that you want to feel absolutely comfortable in, well, at least for your rear passengers. that said, with 140mm (5.5 inches) more legroom for the rear passengers, you as a driver will be hearing less of complain from the rear occupants. additionally, the rear seats also get a 17-degree recline angle to further increase the comfort level to those of a first class airline seat, well, almost.

on top of those, the new stretched Range Rover’s lucky rear occupants also get to enjoy equipment like automatic window blinds, panoramic sunroof, plus a sliding front passenger seat, if more rear legroom is needed and the front passenger has no qualms about it. the 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Long Wheelbase is set to make its debut at the LA Auto Show on the 20th and Guangzhou on the 21st this month. it will be available four models, namely Vogue, Vogue SE, Autobiography and Autobiography Black, with a Hybrid model to be available in late 2014. expect first customer deliveries to start from March 2014. as for the price, it is yet to be announced.

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and oh, btw, for the uninitiated, the 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Long Wheelbase is the first long wheelbase Range Rover in 20 years. the last of which was the Range Rover LSE which ran from 1992 up to 1994. pretty short lived, eh? lets hope today’s demand will stretch this iteration longer. check out a few more look in the image gallery below.

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