Outdoor Tech Privates Wireless Headphones

the thing with Bluetooth headphones is, you often have to fumble with buttons on the earcups which you can’t see. well, you can save yourself the blind man act every time you want to skip track or change volume with the Outdoor Tech Privates Wireless Headphones. with this pair of trendy audio cans, it has

Buckshot Rugged Wireless Speaker

it seems like music and cycling is made for each other – well, maybe it wasn’t before Turtle Shell Boombox came around. the Turtle Shell is pretty neat stuff, however, our preference for portable speaker is never a one-size-fits-all solution and which is why the same folks behind that hardy Turtle Shell has another

CHIPS Wireless Drop-in Audio Headphones for Helmets

most skiers and snowboarders would probably prefer to hear the whizz of the wind when speeding down the alps’ slopes but in case you prefer to be accompanied by some of your favorite, pump-you-up, soundtracks while cutting through the snow and has a helmet with audio enabled liners, then Outdoor Tech…

The ADAPT by Outdoor Tech

at this age, it is hard to find a media player (which usually happens to be our smartphone) that is without Bluetooth connectivity but if you happen to have a few lying around, then this nifty little gadget, dubbed The ADAPT from Outdoor Tech, is a must have for you to save them from being technology outcasts. they got to keep up with time if they want to be loved, don’t they? the concept…

Turtle Shell Boombox

modern day life revolves around to two things: sharing and portability, which explains why we love to share the music we love wherever we desire but there are couple of issues: portable speakers are fragile at best and though some touted to be ‘portable’, you can hardly find anywhere to put it except on plain, flat surfaces. with the Outdoor Tech’s…