it seems like music and cycling is made for each other – well, maybe it wasn’t before Turtle Shell Boombox came around. the Turtle Shell is pretty neat stuff, however, our preference for portable speaker is never a one-size-fits-all solution and which is why the same folks behind that hardy Turtle Shell has another to offer (to meet your music needs while cycling, naturally) : the Buckshot Rugged Wireless Speaker. so, do the market really need another Bluetooth speaker? probably yes if it is small enough to slip into a pocket and can be mounted on the bike handlebar or anywhere of similar profile quickly and easily, and by ‘quickly and easily’ we literally mean just slipping it on and off without screws or leaving it dangling somewhere.

the Buckshot Rugged Wireless Speaker is all of what we have mentioned and best of all, it is one of the most affordable wireless speaker amongst the crowded Bluetooth speaker market. for mounting, a universal mount is provided to “looped” the palm-sized speaker to your bike’s handlebar, securely and yet easy enough to remove. a rubberized exterior protects the wireless speaker against shock- and dust, and it is built to IPX-5 rating for water resistance. the Buckshot Rugged Wireless Speaker is available now for $49.95. the price is certainly attractive, but what captured our attention is its size: this is by far one of the smallest Bluetooth speaker we have seen so far. hit past the jump for a few more worthy look.

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