CHIPS Wireless Drop-in Audio Headphones for Helmets

CHIPS Wireless Drop-in Audio Headphones for Helmets
most skiers and snowboarders would probably prefer to hear the whizz of the wind when speeding down the alps’ slopes but in case you prefer to be accompanied by some of your favorite, pump-you-up, soundtracks while cutting through the snow and has a helmet with audio enabled liners, then Outdoor Tech has just the right stuff for you. debuted recently at the 2013 International CES, the CHIPS Wireless Drop-in Audio Headphones for Helmets is designed to work universally with any helmets with audio enabled liners. it offers sportsmen a tangle-free, wireless music audio streamed from their smartphone and also take and make calls without having to remove their helmets. the CHIPS features a patent-pending two-button design, one on each side for volume and play/pause control, allowing them be activated when nestled in any liner and even with thick gloves or mittens. hitting the stores in select countries, including Chile, Australia and New Zealand, starting from April 2013 and from Winter 2013 in all other markets with a $129.95 price tag.

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