Prylobite: A Very Neat EDC Keychain Knife With Some Hidden Talents

If you need just one pocket knife in your life, the Pangea Designs Prylobite EDC Keychain Knife might just be it. Described as an evolution of the company’s first product, the Pickpocket suspension clip/bottle opener, it combines the original keychain suspension clip with a sleek, unique blade pocket knife, a bottle opener, pry bar, and […]

Titanium Fidget Spinner That Is Also A Bottle Opener Is Simply God Sent

On the surface, the fidget spinner hype may have somewhat slowed down, but the truth is, it is here to stay because humans are, by design, a fidgeting bunch, and these same fidgeting bunch happens to also love a few cold ones every now and then, and therefore, it makes great sense to see someone […]

Pico Titanium Micro Bottle Opener is No Bigger Than a Quarter

What do a company that design and makes bottle opener for living do with the waste materials left behind between making each bottle opener? Why, turn them into bottle opener too, of course and the result is the Pico Titanium Micro Bottle Opener, a micro-size bottle opener that is no bigger than a quarter. Now, […]