If you need just one pocket knife in your life, the Pangea Designs Prylobite EDC Keychain Knife might just be it. Described as an evolution of the company’s first product, the Pickpocket suspension clip/bottle opener, it combines the original keychain suspension clip with a sleek, unique blade pocket knife, a bottle opener, pry bar, and a bit driver – all in a super sleek design.

Pangea Designs Prylobite EDC Keychain Knife

Pangea Designs Prylobite EDC Keychain Knife features a S35VN super steel flat ground blade with fully chamfered edges in a beautiful stonewash finish, paired to a G10 fiberglass laminate handle, and employs a folding mechanism based on the traditional “friction folder” knife design. The mechanism is simple and yet effect without the need for additional lock to hold the blade open or closed.

Pangea Designs Prylobite EDC Keychain Knife

Here’s how it works:

“Traditionally, the short extension off the back of the blade tang is used both for one-handed opening, as well as to prevent an open blade from closing, by applying thumb pressure along the handle spine. Our Prylobite design is unique in that we’ve incorporated multiple other useful functions into this tang extension.“

The design more than fulfills its status as an everyday carry, allowing you to clip on your pants/jeans’ belt loop or slide into the pocket easily, while the suspension clip function lets whatever keys you have lay conveniently inline for swift retrieval, like so:

Pangea Designs Prylobite EDC Keychain Knife

We love the details that went into it. Details like the attachment point that locks the blade closed when used as a keychain, thus preventing the blade from accidentally opening. It small, functional and weighs almost nothing – tipping the scales at no more than 4 quarters, or about 23g (0.811 ounce). We don’t post everything that popped up in our inbox and even more surely, we don’t post every knives, but this one sure deserve a mention.

Pangea Designs Prylobite EDC Keychain Knife

You can bet this pocket knife will join our list of cool knives to have, alongside fine examples like Eclipse Morphing Nano Blade EDC Knife, Blanka Pocket Cleaver Knife, Caswell “Morphing Karamit” (MKV2) Utility Knife, Blank Panther Titanium Micro Blade and Wootz EDC. If you want one, you can get it be pre-ordering it on Kickstarter for 99 bucks. The campaign is already funded, so therefore, it is a pre-order which has an estimated delivery in July 2019.

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All images courtesy of Pangea Designs.

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