How small can an everyday carry knife gets for it to remain usable? Well, apparently, the answer is very, very small as proven by Eclipse Morphing Nano Blade EDC Knife dished out by Fulcrum Knives. When collapsed, it has a round form that is a tad larger than a Walking Liberty silver dollar coin and measures mere 6 mm thin. Looking at how it opens and closes, I have to concur with its creator that it is the most innovative EDC knife we have seen thus far.

Eclipse Morphing Nano Blade EDC Knife

From a coin-shaped keychain (it has a hole for attaching a lanyard or serve as a keychain), Eclipse morphs into a usable and durable EDC knife made possible by a four-bar linkage mechanism. The Wharncliffe-style blade, which is made from hardened 440C stainless steel, comes in at a cute 0.7 inch which is paired to a 440C stainless steel handled wrapped in ripped G10 FR-4. When closed, it measures just 1.8 inches, but opens up to a useful 2.9 inches.

Eclipse Morphing Nano Blade EDC Knife

Obviously, you can’t slice a tree with this thing, but it can surely slice and dice like any regular knife which should come real handy when you are out camping, fishing and what not. Plus, it is durable enough to deal with prying and piecing too. And believe it or not, this thing here has a chisel grind, albeit one that is really very shallow, that is good enough for it to pull off buttery smooth slicing. It comes with a in-built locking mechanism to prevent it from errantly opening, or closing when you are using it (even though it doesn’t really need).

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Eclipse Morphing Nano Blade EDC Knife

Man, this gotta be the sweetest and yet the manliest EDC knife we have seen so far. I know, it may sounds contradictory, but that is exactly how I feel upon seeing the Eclipse. There are a lot more details available on Eclipse Morphing Nano Blade EDC Knife’s Kickstarter campaign page. Yes, it is on Kickstarter where you can get a unit for as low as $39 (or $49, if the early bird perk ran out).

Eclipse Morphing Nano Blade EDC Knife

In case you are wondering, the campaign has already surpassed its set funding goal of $20K and it has a good one month and half on the calendar. It shouldn’t come as surprised, really, considering what this little guy has to offer. And that’s not to mention the uber cool factor. Oh boy, this thing here is sure to get your bros start talking like they have never talked before.

Hit the jump for the product pitch video to see it in action.

Images courtesy of Fulcrum Knives.

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