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Aerofex Hoverbike

Aerofex Hoverbike | US$85,000.00 | www.aerofex.com

well, what do you know? we could be zooming across a variety of terrains with ease on a hovering piece of machine in a not-too-distance future. the concept of a personal air transport powered by dual ducted rotor, layout in fashion similar to a motorbike is not new and apparently such a seemingly crazy (but exciting, no doubt) idea was born as early as in the 1960s. now, a California-based firm Aerofex is working hard to bring it back to life by resolving the issues that the scientists and engineers of the 60s had failed to address. Continue reading Aerofex Hoverbike

Lisa Airplanes AKOYA

Lisa Airplanes AKOYA
Lisa Airplanes AKOYA | US$tba | www.lisa-airplanes.com

supply and demand is a beautiful thing, and it is because of this correlation that we started to see small firms sprouting up and turning out light personal air transports that doesn’t cost an arm or a leg. supply comes from brilliant engineers and entrepreneurs with dare-to-do attitude, developing better but cheaper aircraft to enable near-regular folks to take to the sky. the demand, on the other hand, is the result of the frustration over the ever increasing congestion we meet on day-to-day basis, spurring us to look towards the sky for solutions. Continue reading Lisa Airplanes AKOYA

Pal-V One Flying Car

when George Jetson graced the tube in his flying vehicle contraption, it tickled our imagination of a flying car. of course, this concept aren’t new as the world has seen quite a handful of attempts in making flying car a reality from as far back as 1917, but mostly did so looking too much like an aircraft than a car and without much obvious success. however, the Dutch-built Pal-V One has inched one step closer to a real flying car by combining a three-wheeled car and a gyrocopter. on the road, it is capable of getting from naught to 100 km/h in less then 8-second and maxing out at a 180 km/h top speed – making it totally capable of traveling side by side with any regular vehicles on today’s road while not looking out of place. Continue reading Pal-V One Flying Car

e-volo Multicopter personal air transport

e-volo Multicopter 900x600px
e-volo multicopter | US$tba | www.e-volo.com

the dream of taking flight with a personal air transport never fail to fascinate us and thus, when we heard wind of this awesome 80kg electric helicopter, we sit up immediately and take notice. developed by German firm e-volo, this odd looking aircraft, dubbed the Multicopter, consists of sixteen propellers that enable it to take off and land just like a conventional helicopter. powering these rather menacing propellers are sixteen electric motors, each having its own speed controller. there’s no pitch to talk about in this aircraft, hence negating the possibility of wear and tear. the onboard computers monitor the altitude and directional control automatically with the pilot sitting on an open cockpit, controlling the aircraft by means of a simple joystick, which works via fly-by-wire system. Continue reading e-volo Multicopter personal air transport

Siemens showcased first serial hybrid electric drive aircraft

Siemens DA36 E-Star at Paris Air Show 2011 544x388px
(credit: Siemens)

these days, air show is not just the show-off ground for huge jets and military demonstrations. at last week’s Paris Air Show, Siemen showcased its motorglider powered by the first serial hybrid electric drive to be used in an aircraft. this hybrid aircraft, dubbed the DA36 E-Star, has a 94-horsepower Siemens electric motor that powers the prop while a 40-horsepower Wankel rotary engine drives a generator that keeps the juice flowing to the motor. needless to say, a hybrid is necessary for airborne vehicle cos’ i am sure one cannot imagine what will happen if an electric flying machine runs out of juice in midair. Continue reading Siemens showcased first serial hybrid electric drive aircraft

Hoverbike might be a reality sooner than Hoverboard

Hoverbike - a view from the top 900x600px
Hoverbike | US$tba | www.hover-bike.com

the name says it all: Hoverbike is a bike that hovers and in fact, it does much more than just hover. invented by one Chris Molloy from Australia, this awesome personal air transport can actually reach an airspeed of 150 knots (278 km/h) and is able to reach an altitude of more than 10,000 feet – all done while riding it like a motorcycle. while i am excited about the hoverbike but the idea of flying up to 10,000 feet riding like a motorbike does give the chill. perhaps, a parachute backpack will be a good idea here. more images of this exciting aircraft after the break. Continue reading Hoverbike might be a reality sooner than Hoverboard

ICON Sport Aircraft Can Be Yours For $139k, Takes Delivery In 2015

ICON Aircraft 544x308px
(credit: ICON Aircraft) ICON Sport Aircraft | from US$139,000.00 | www.iconaircraft.com

you don’t need millions to take to sky yourself, well, at least for those who are residing in the United States. all thanks the change in regulation by FAA in 2004 that resulted in a creation of the new Light Sport Aircraft category. that’s where ICON Aircraft, founded in 2005, decided to bring “flying to the masses with a sexy plane that breaks the mold on everything the industry has come to expect over the past 50 years.” Continue reading ICON Sport Aircraft Can Be Yours For $139k, Takes Delivery In 2015

you can buy The Cavalon gyrocopter for EUR65000

Auto-Gyro The Cavalon gyrocopter 544x368px
(credit: Auto Gyro via Gizmag) The Cavalon | €65,000.00 | www.auto-gyro.com

another exciting announcement for those who are rich enough for personal flight. i am talking about you being the pilot and not as a passenger. announced recently and showcased during the recent Aero Friedrichshafen 2011 is The Cavalon gyrocopter from Germany-based Auto-Gyro. for the uninitiated, the history of gyroplane dated back to 1923 when the father of gyroplane, Juan de la Cierva, flew his “auto-gyro” for the first time. Continue reading you can buy The Cavalon gyrocopter for EUR65000

dream of flying? you can, with the FlyNano for $36,000

FlyNano 900x550px
FlyNano | from €25,000.00 | www.flynano.com

no, the FlyNano is not a concept. it is a real flying machine that weighs under 70 kg. you read that right. this aircraft weighs less than me. how is that possible? but the truth is, it is a reality now. the brain behind the breakthrough FlyNano personal air transport is Aki Suokas, an aviation consultant, flight designer and enthusiastic pilot. ten years ago, Suokas envisioned a new flight design that would weight less than 70 kilos and today, this dream is being realized. Continue reading dream of flying? you can, with the FlyNano for $36,000

this gyrocopter is inspired by sports cars and motorcycles

Kocyba Fliege Supergiro 544x368px
(credit: Daniel Kocyba)

a picture is worth a thousand words. case in the point: the Fliege – Supergiro gyrocopter featured here. one look, you will known it is personal and it is a helicopter of sort. need we say more? designer Daniel Kocyba cited his inspirations from sports cars and motorcycles. the pilot’s seat form the main part of the aluminum frame while information (presumably, the aircraft essential info) will be projected to the pilot’s helmet. yes, the pilot will have to wear a helmet. overall, it is a gorgeous aircraft but i got a hunch that it will remain as a concept. the blades up there does look a little too threatening to our heads. don’t it? Continue reading this gyrocopter is inspired by sports cars and motorcycles