BBS Wheel PC Case Is The Ultimate Computer For A Car Guy And A Geek

This is probably going to be the shortest post we have ever made to date because of the lack of information. Despite so, we are too thrilled by this Custom BBS Wheel PC Case, reportedly made by German high performance automobile wheel design and manufacturer, BBS. Nothing is known about what’s under the hood, or […]

Oh, Look. Commodore 64 Is Making A Comeback As A Mini Game Console

Mission A.D., California Games, Cyberdyne Warrior, Chips’ Challenge. If the mention of any of those titles sends a nostalgic feeling surging through you, then we are quite sure you are a fan of the Commodore 64. Yeah. That Commodore 64. The iconic single computer unit that managed to find its way to millions of homes […]

CyberPowerPC P400 Joins The List Of “Designed By Razer” PC Cases

Razer may not be on the desktop gaming rig bandwagon, yet, but for fans, there is always the official Razer-themed build-to-order desktop PCs to turn to. Speaking of which, CyberPowerPC P400 Designed by Razer desktop computer is the latest to join the growing line of “Designed by Razer” PC cases. Based on CyberPowerPC’s P400 ATX […]

Man Built A Working Miniature Apple II Computer And You Can Too

While many of us reminisces about the tech of the bygone era by talking about it occasionally, video game engineer Chris Larkin went about recreating it. In Chris’s case, he have a special affinity with the classic Apple II computer which he had as a kid and so he decided why not build one since […]

Apple Updates iMac, MacBook and Introduced New 10.5-inch iPad Pro

The new iMac Pro’s starting sticker $4,999 is obviously not for everyone, but not too worry cos’ Apple has updated its iMac line, outfitting them with faster Kaby Lake processors up to 4.2 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.5 GHz and supports up to twice the memory. To further sweeten the deal, all 27-inch, […]

The iMac Pro Is The Most Powerful Mac Ever And Its In Space Gray

iMac was the machine of choice for creatives in its hey day, but since then, Windows have become equally apt, if not better, in dealing with graphics intensive tasks. True enough, I see many creatives today using Windows-based PCs as their main workhorse. But, it looks like the Cupertino tech giant has its sight set […]

Here Are Some Awesome Gadgets From ASUS Announced At Computex 2017

Taiwan is the home to Asia’s biggest computer show, Computex, and it is also ASUS home ground and so, naturally, the Taiwanese tech company has more than a couple of laptops to show off. An among the horde of laptop computers and gadgets unveiled, there are some that are out to beckon you to part […]

Here’s The Limited Edition MSI Trident 3 In Cool, Icy White Color

Usually gaming rig is defined by the color black, but if black is not your cuppa and you need a powerful off-the-shelf rig, well, then here’s the MSI Trident 3 VR7RD-048US Arctic Limited Edition Gaming PC for you. Based on the award winning Trident 3 introduced earlier this year, Arctic Limited Edition, as the product […]

Lenovo’s Razer Edition Is The Closest Thing You’ll Get To A Razer Desktop

Ever wonder how will a Razer desktop look like? Well, then look no further than the Lenovo Y900 Razer Edition Gaming Desktop PC. Granted, the Lenovo Y900 Razer Edition is not exactly a Razer’s own desktop gaming rig, but rest assure that you will have all your Razer-oriented gaming needs in one uber sleek desktop […]

DELL Unveiled 32-inch 8K Display, 27-inch QHD Smart Workspace And More

These days, the tech world is all about absurd tech which we suspect are solely with the aim of making tech watchers’ jaw drop. These gadgets go beyond ‘wow’; they will make you go like “no shit, are they serious?, or maybe just “no freaking way!” So far, we have witnessed a ginormous 21-inch laptop […]